What Grads & Parents MUST Know

This page has important information on how college graduates can get jobs and successfully launch their careers. It is for both parents and college graduates together. Take a peek.

Parents: It is no secret that your college graduates are entering a tough job market. A staggering number of 2011 graduates are unemployed or under-employed and those numbers are not expected to increase for the 2012 graduating classes.

But here is a fact: There are jobs out there and those who are getting them are the ones who have perfected the ability to present themselves brilliantly and stand out in the crowd. Check out these success stories.

You have come this far…lots of blood, sweat, tears and money. Time to get them over the finish-line.

Now, It’s Truth Telling Time!

  • Are you ready to help your college graduates launch their careers successfully and become financially independent from you? It requires a customized plan to help them differentiate themselves every step of the way through the job search process. I help college graduates define their personal brands, establish their key messages and deliver those messages in authentic, confident and compelling ways to potential employers.
  • Do you want to help your graduates do this on their own but not be alone while they are doing it? Put them in the hands of a trusted and experienced professional to coach and guide them to success.
  • Do you want to make sure that they don’t get scammed and led down unproductive job paths? You have all invested too much to take this chance. I’ll help them navigate and assess opportunities accurately and successfully.
  • Do you worry that they will get frustrated, angry and give up? The coaching part of this package helps them see and feel their worth from the inside out, not the outside in. They will walk away from working with me with confidence in who they are and in their ability to deal with life.

In addition to being an executive coach, I have worked as a recruiter, a corporate recruiting executive with Fortune 500 companies and a Sr. Vice President of Global Talent Management for early stage start-up companies. I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people from entry level to C-level executives. I know what it takes to make a powerful impression and be the one who gets the job.

I am passionate about working with our future leaders. My work with them goes beyond the job search. In my coaching I help them lay the foundation for extraordinary leadership and career success. I use the same coaching skills and methods with college graduates that I use with my executive clients. They are the skills that help build confidence, resilience, fortitude and integrity. They are the skills that get results.

I would like to help you feel confident that your graduate is getting the best support possible to be as successful as possible. And equally important, I’d like to help you experience the ROI on your college education investment.

Hey Grads, this part is for you!

Ready to land the job you want and start your career? In this competitive job market, it is all about knowing how to differentiate yourself!

So let me ask you:

  • Have you ever gone into an interview and become overwhelmed?
  • Have you ever left an interview disappointed that you weren’t able to sell yourself?
  • Have you ever been so preoccupied with everything you are “supposed” to remember that you weren’t able to even hear the question being asked of you?
  • Have you ever not gotten the job and wondered why?
  • Do you worry that you will never find a professional job?

If you are ready for those days to be behind you, then you have come to the right place.

Inside the interview: How To Get The Job You Want

Let me take the mystery out of this process for you. I have the inside view on what makes a candidate really stand out. I’ve interviewed them and I’ve hired them, even when there was no job opening. Be the one who is extraordinary. Be the one who gets the job!

When you work with me you can expect these differentiating results:

  1. You will feel confident and centered going into your interviews so that you will be able to focus, listen and engage the interviewers in a meaningful conversation.
  2. You will know exactly how to demonstrate how your skills, knowledge and experience match the job for which you are interviewing.
  3. You will ask unique and compelling questions that demonstrate your business and financial fluency, the thoroughness of your research and make you stand out as a candidate.
  4. You will further differentiate yourself with how you customize your thank you notes.
  5. You will be prepared and able to confidently negotiate your offer.

Parents & Grads:

Meet some of the college graduates with whom I’ve worked. and see the positions they have landed, then call me at 831 277-4919 and let’s put a customized plan of success together for you! Here is the menu of services and pricelist.

“Like” my Career Success For Grads Facebook page and receive coaching and tools that you can use NOW. It is also a place to connect with other grads and parents and share tips and strategies. You can also subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter @ successforgrads.

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