Success Stories

Molly Thivierge

BS, Organization Communications, University of Portland

Position Molly Landed: E-Marketing Assistant at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, Hershey, PA

“It was incredibly empowering to work with Sheila. I was confident and prepared going into the interview and I felt as though the interviewers were seeing my best self as a result of the work we had done together. Sheila was fabulous at identifying my value as a potential employee and helping me to understand and communicate that value in the context of the job. Sheila also suggested very insightful questions for me to ask in the interview so that I could fully understand the organization. When I asked those questions, I could see that the interviewers were impressed. I could also see the passion and conviction the panel had for their jobs and it showed me a more human, personal side with which I really connected. Sheila is a joy to work with and I know that I am armed with invaluable information and insight moving forward in my professional career as a result of her coaching.”

Tyler Mullin

BA Communications, University of Colorado

Position Tyler Landed: Sales Rep, Gallo Industries, San Diego, CA

“Sheila is an absolute pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable in what she does. I am a recent college graduate and have asked her for help with interviews, follow-up e-mails and advice on how to network with prospective employers. Not only does she provide excellent insight, but she is also very effective in inspiring people and pointing out personal attributes that you may not be aware of, yourself. Her dedication to her clients goes beyond reproach. Sheila is extremely reliable and I have always been able to count on her. Anyone could benefit from working with Sheila and I highly recommend her services.”

Mark Wheeler

BA in Social Work and Spanish, University of Portland

Position Mark Landed: Match Support Specialist – Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, Portland, OR

“I’m a young professional who, with the help of Sheila as my career coach, secured a job in my sector of interest in a very short time and during a period of high unemployment. Sheila was very easy to talk to and to work with. She helped me understand and then articulate how my skills and experience fit the needs of the organization with which I interviewed. I learned techniques to calm my nerves, engage with prospective employers and turn an interview into a meaningful conversation. Through mock interviews, I practiced and sharpened delivery of important messages I wanted to convey. I was able to create a clear, self-assured voice. Through working with Sheila, I gained confidence to step above the rest of the applicant pool and prove I was the one my employers wanted to hire. Sheila was honest and productive, yet creative and wise. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

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