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How Do You Stand Out In The Crowd?

In this job market it is all about differentiating yourself so that you stand out in the crowd. That is the complete focus of our work together.

We do it through developing The Three C’s:

Competence: You will develop the skills to Get the Interview, Rock the Interview and Master the Interview! This includes personal brand development, advanced research skills, game changing question development, business and financial fluency, interview prep and practice, salary negotiation and the development of your career launch on-boarding plan.

Confidence: Through developing these competencies and engaging in the coaching process, you will gain a deep understanding of your strengths and the relevancy of your education, experience and capabilities. In addition, you will learn how to deliver on target messages showing potential employers how you can add value to their organizations. We prep and practice so that by the time you get to the interview, you have mastered your nerves, you know exactly what you want to say and ask and you will be centered and confident. You will be able to engage your interviewers in a meaningful conversation that will differentiate you from the other candidates.

Character: You will learn to put language around who you are, what you stand for and how you want to present yourself in your personal and professional life. This job market can be challenging. You will discover and develop your ability to stay focused, positive, patient and resilient. You will learn how to align your values and beliefs with your behaviors and be powerfully authentic in the interview and in life!

I offer 4 pricing options:

  1. The Silver Package (GET the interview)
  2. The Gold Package (ROCK the interview)
  3. The Platinum Package (MASTER the interview)
  4. Complete customization, you choose the services that you want

Please email me at  or call 831 277-4919 for a free assessment consultation and to determine which service package will work best for you.

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